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To simplify the process of buying and selling advertising in digital video, Digital Video Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has developed these guidelines and best practices for today’s most common ad formats to date including: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Display_advertising

Linear video ads
Non-linear video ads
Companion ads
These recommendations were built for these display formats to meet the following needs of the market:

More efficient work through a common set of creative guidelines for filing
More efficient ad development, and players by establishing common minimum creative policies, including click functionality and duration settings
Digital video display easier on multiple pages through common minimum display sizes for overlay ads and supplemental purchase
A better understanding of consumer interactions and ad environments through best practice recommendations for creative development and player environments
There are three types of recommendations in this document for each ad format:

Display format guidelines
Joint recommendations creative template
Other Best Practices
Editors may adhere to a compliance seal at the IAB self attesting to these ad formats guidelines. All other recommendations in this document should consider best practices and should be considered for adoption, but are not required for compliance.

It is also important to note that this document has certain scope limits:

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This document supersedes the 2005 Broadband Notice Creative Directives; The original 2005 document is now obsolete
The measurement of impressions or other metrics is not addressed in this document
While many of these formats can be used to the fullest extent to test and live, this document is not specifically addressed to these environments because of the high degree of customization between the publishers. We recommend, where possible, that these guidelines are used in these situations.
Although the purpose of this document is to develop more standardization in the public areas of the digital video scenario, the IAB continues to promote creativity and innovation in formats of video ads. As with all IAB policies, this document is widely accepted as the scene dynamic advertising updates in digital video and new forms of advertising have been widely adopted.