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WP AutoWebby Upsell – Review + Download

WP AutoWebby Upsell – Review + Download >>> http://goo.gl/4GKigh

As part of the introduction to Local Video Method v2.0, I wanted to reach a number of new audiences. So what I’ve done is take some time and effort in preparing a good webinar that trains and sells at the same time. This webinar is about offline consulting, acquiring customers, marketing yourself, etc., and also talking about the actual process of video reviews as a leadgen, which is LVM.

Now, people who want to try it can CAN, but if they want to learn how to do it faster, they can buy. The webinar thus offers great value for money, information and an offer at the same time.

WP AutoWebby Best Review – Demo

Now you can visit people who have lists of what you would consider potential buyers. So I’m going to try to reach (via Skype, email, VIDEO!) And talk to people who are in the same niche (offline consulting).

I have a prepared webinar now they just have to promote the webinar. We do it together (I speak the most) and then all sales of that webinar are distributed on 50/50 (joint venture).

This has worked extremely well, I have done two JVs for LVM 2.0 last month, a total of over $ 17,000 and I have more to offer! That’s not much compared to other big names, but it’s a good start and the numbers are excellent. 1 webinar for 30% with a profit per click of over $ 12.00!

So I can now approach people with numbers, a complete package, and all they have to do is advertise and spend money. They get a high quality product (if I say it myself), making them look good for the recommendation, they have some money in their pocket, just like me, and now I have a number of new customers.

They are a great way to quickly list and earn money and build relationships because they generate a high amount of traffic quickly. I have something to offer and the JV partner has the list!

Webinar leverage

Usually webinars will be recorded and used later, which is a great leverage strategy for the webinar itself. You can send repetitions to your list to generate more sales (for those who could not get it, forgot, or never received the invitation). You can also use and split the video so you can create multiple videos from one.

I can upload it to YouTube and optimize it for some keywords I would like to target so that traffic will return to my sales page. I personally used it as part of the premium content within the local video mode membership as an added value. Everyone who buys the local video method has access to the webinar library.

I also created a 6-piece video series in my auto-responder, which is spread over two weeks and offers free training to those on my list that have never purchased the local video method. It gives them a taste of what the entire package is about.

You can easily schedule multiple webinars in a week. That requires some coordination, but it’s more than possible, every webinar lasts about 2 hours or so and some administrators work next to it to promote, but it’s hardly a full day job.

I’m sure there are many more ways to use them, but so I used my webinar recordings.

Webinar Tips

Here are some tips for you if you decide to run a webinar.

1. Plan it for about a week, with all time zones, weekends, etc. Give people the opportunity to read your invitation and sign up.

2. Plan a 24-hour reminder and 2-hour reminder email to go out (I use AWeber)

3. Close all programs that may appear or interfere with your screen, you share it with hundreds of people! 🙂

4. If you want to show your browser, delete your history to avoid any inconvenience to your recording and to your participants.

5. Test everything for 15 minutes and wait. You would be surprised at the little things that you will spoil just before you think it’s going to start.

6. Start on time, respect the time of those who appeared on time!

7. Register every webinar, you can always find out, but if you do not take it and want it, you’re unlucky. You can use Camtasia or Screenflow to include the webinar (including audio / video). Thank you for checking out our WP AutoWebby Review !

8. Try to minimize background noise, interruptions can make it ‘humaner’, but to a minimum.